Trailer/Mobile Gas grill




This jumbo Trailer/mobile grill is great  for family events,catering,company Events. Call us today. (254)266-5537 If you need one even bigger just let us know we would be happy to build it.


cross-tie ignition system: If one of the four full length burners extinguishes, the adjacent burner automatically reignites it. This safety feature eliminates the gas build-up that results from an unlit burner.

Simple and safe push-button ignition, no batteries, wands or matches required.

Massive 24″ x 60″ (10 sq. ft.) cooking grate is finished with durable and sanitary nickel-plating.


Trailer Length – 9’ 5”

Tank size – 5′ wide 30” OD

Cooking Space – 5’ x 30”

Top rack Cooking Space 24’x 24 pull out

Thickness – 3/16 steel with the diamonds = to 1/4



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