Fully Insulated Smoker

This pit is fully insulated  with 2300 insulation. This Pit is incredibly efficient In a 12 hour cook it only requires just a arm full of  logs.

A well insulated smoker is like a sports car that runs 200 miles per hour and gets 200 miles per gallon.

When it comes to wood use its ridicules  A arm load of wood is all it takes to fire this insulated smoker up all day.When it comes to holding heat it does the job with ease weather its low and slow or high tempters cooking,you are not going to have to feed and feed to keep that tempter up.cold weather and high altitude cooking ,this is the insulated smoker for the job.

On this Pit the Fire box burns the wood at a high temp that efficiently burns it so you will not have unburned wood called creosote that taints you’re food.  this is the sot after predominance that pit master look to achieve  on conventional BBQ Pits IE the Blue smoke  which the blue smoke is a sine the the pit is burning efficient . on a fully insulated smoker this is achieved easily and one of the benefits  of a fully insulated smoker  by Zak’s custom Pits.

  • Pits hold steady temps ideal for cold weather
  • 300 times more efficient than conventional BBQ Pits.

Trailer Length – 12’ 5”
Tank size – 6′ wide 30” OD
Fire Box – 32” x 28”

Santa maria grill 6′ long by 2 feet

Cooking Space – three removable  trays 6’ x 40”   Price $ 8800.00

Added fetchers

Burner Add 160.000 BTU burner with a extension of the frame to accommodate propane mount for $225.00. Two burners for $350.00

Log lighter Add a log lighter with a extension of the frame to accommodate  propane mount for $350.00
This pit comes Tuning plates with  (click here to learn more about the benefits

Double s.s sink mounted with a water hose feed connection. $575.00

Sink Kit full package  hot water heater,double sink,10 gallon fresh water tank, 10 gallon grey water tank,  ac or dc pump $1475.00

Roof These
by fold roofs keep you’re Pit out of the weather so you can concentrate
on preparing you’re BBQ and enjoying you’re event. On this model the
added cost is $2600.00  Click here to learn more

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