BBQ PIT Financing


In order to start the Financing Process for your new BBQ Smoker:


Go to the websites for all of these financial companies & fill out the financial


applications for the amount of the BBQ Smoker you would like to have.


It is better to file an application with the first 3 to 5 companies, as this increases your odds of


being accepted, & gives you some different rates to compare once accepted.




7585 West 66th Ave. #300


Arvada, CO 80003


Direct: 720-204-4504


Fax: 303-731-4009


Cell# 1-253-334-9798


Apply Online Or Estimate Payments:  https://www.pinnaclelease.com/reps/tomd/calc/


Edward A. Franz

Balboa Capital Corporation

Regional Manager

Vendor Services Group


CELL 1-734-730-5669









Description: Balboa Capital Irvine very friendly to new business startups.


Balboa Capital Corporation – Irvine, California Office


2010 Main Street, 11th Floor


Irvine, CA 92614


Toll Free: (888) BALBOA1 (888-225-2621)


Phone: (949) 756-0800

Fax: (949) 756-2565






online application







I have heard good things about marlin. Customers say they were the cheapest with 1 dollar buyout


at the end instead of 10% others wanted. Easy to work with, etc


Thomas J. Lockhart

Sr. Account Executive


Description: cid:image001.gif@01CBEFB0.CC18C8D0

Marlin Business Bank


300 Fellowship Road


Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054


888-479-9111 Ext: 4432


(Direct) 856-505-4432


FAX: 888-479-1100


Cell # 1-215-801-3778











From: Tom de Winter tomd@pinnaclelease.com


Thanks for your time. I offer pre-funding (up to 100% oac). I finance new/used equipment, start-up companies, good/bad credit scores and vehicle/titled equipment financing.


I’ll keep you informed on any progress that develops on your customers and I’ll get the job done for you. If you have any questions, feel free to call me. I keep my phone on 24/7.


National Account Rep






7585 West 66th Ave. #300


Arvada, CO 80003


Direct: 720-204-4504


Fax: 303-731-4009


Cell# 1-253-334-9798


Apply Online Or Estimate Payments:  https://www.pinnaclelease.com/reps/tomd/calc/




WE CAN finance All types of Credit (A-D)


WE CAN Prefund on all our deals (50-100%)


WE CAN Give approval in 48 hours.


WE CAN Do up to $100k with a one page application.


WE CAN finance startup companies


Kevin Rice


Finance Manager


Phone: (603) 433-9463


Fax: (603) 373-1439


C ell # 1-603-986-4535 also has 24/7 email response


Email: KRice@directcapital.com




Direct Capital Corporation

155 Commerce Way | Portsmouth, NH 03801




Thank you for your interest in working with Direct Capital. We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business and we invite you to “Experience The Difference”


of Direct Capital‘s unique vendor equipment finance programs. We would love to assist any commercial customers you may have in financing the BBQ equipment you sell.




Our programs meet the fundamental leasing needs of you and your customers, but they also deliver benefits that no other finance company can or will offer.


Competitive rates, flexible terms, fast response, and great service are very important components of any financing program.


Your business deserves much more and Direct Capital can deliver it.




Patrick Kistler


President, Leasing Division


713 863 8300 Ext. 410


713 460 1364 Fax









Financing America’s Fastest Growing Companies™


Founded in 1984 and with offices nationwide, Amerisource is the leader in working capital financing


for growing businesses throughout North America. Our financing programs target companies with funding


needs from $20,000 to $5,000,000.




Vend Lease http://www.vendlease.net/applynow.htm


ROBERT WASSON | Vice President | Direct 410.933.8135 |Mobile:  410.977.2607


Vend Lease Co., Inc.    8100 Sandpiper Circle, Suite 300    Baltimore, MD  21236


888.363.5327 x135 | Fax:  410.933.5258 | E: rwasson@vendlease.net | www.vendlease.net





Tri Lease Corporation


4940 Capital Blvd. Suite H

Raleigh, NC 27616


Rod Pittman

Account Manager

Ph (919)-623-5991


Fax (866) 590-2221

Email: rod-pittman@trilease.net

Web: www.trilease.net 



Alexandria, VA 22314


phone 800-504-9982 ~ fax 800-352-5440


Email: chebbel@cehleasing.com







Apply here to 750 business loan people at the same time.







Apply for easy business loans for your BBQ Equipment.








Credit Card Application Guide for Good or bad credit Applications.

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