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Thank you for visiting our site. Take a few minutes to check it out. We think that you will find what you have been looking for. From back yard BBQ pits to trailer BBQ Pit. Pits for recreation, BBQ Pit Trailer for catering service and award winning competition Pits. If you don’t find what you have been looking for; we would love to custom build one for you. We have our own plate rollers and lots of versatility.

The Best Trailer BBQ Pits in the World

We have spent a great amount of time, research, and developing our pit for performance.  Our Custom BBQ Pits perform with the utilization of years of experience of custom designs, performing the task of distributing the heat evenly throughout all of your meat. Meaning no moving your meat from hot spot to cold spots to get it done; therefor, holding heat and providing a steady temperature.   Our custom trailer smokers out perform all others hands down.

Built to last

We build our Trailer pits not only to look good, but to cook second to none. If you are in the market for a BBQ pit; you have come to the right place. Plus we ship all over the United States! We stand behind every pit we build; follow up with our customers and advise them of best practices weather  it was  just purchased or owned  for 20 years. When you buy A Pit from us you are a part of the Zak’s Custom Pits family.

Our smokers are all hand build from scratch including our frames here in Texas. All ways new quality steel. We do not use pipe. We role our Pits to whatever size that you want.  Unlike most builders we go the extra mile to put custom in custom BBQ pit.  If you have your own ideas for a dream Trailer Pit or want to put you’re spin on one off our models, that’s what we are here for so give us a call today


If you are shopping for a BBQ Pit I suggest you bookmark
this site and use it as a reference point. Many manufactures out there
are priced out of this world, charging twice the price for the same size pit you
can get here. Look carefully at the Pit size and what comes with it. Don’t be
fooled by the picture. You will often find out that it is a fully loaded example
and it will cost thousands more to get the pit as advertised. Many manufacture don’t even include temperature
gauges with their purchases. I have even found manufactures sale pits that are
not even fully functional and sale the parts to complete the Pit as added features.  At Zak’s custom pits we are so convinced that we have a better value we will beat the prices of any licensed manufacture. If
you have your eye on another Pit any were else call us for a quote. Save your
money and get the best Pit on the market. Call us today (254)266-5537


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